Pastel Patios.

|| Vintage Mini Dress, In Store Now. Click Here for Details (SOLD). Vintage Blazer, In Store Now. Click Here for Details (SOLD). Vintage Black Oversized Clutch, Thrifted. Bonjour Necklace, c/o Alex & Chloe. Platforms, Jeffrey Campbell. Knee-Highs, American Apparel.||

What a week. I woke up the other day to no internet. After a lengthy phone conversation with Apple, the problem was determined to be our Time Capsule, which mysteriously shut down. And just like that, I had no internet for a few days. Considering that I run my entire store online, the idea of being completely cut off was a hard one to deal with.

After some re-grouping, and with a new Time Capsule on its way, I set out to find an alternative to the problem. The internet at my house was incredibly slow - that wasn't even an option. Besides, when I'm home, 90% of my time is spent running around with the dogs or watching old movies.

The solution? Miami Public Library. It was quite nice, and reminded me of the group study sessions and all-nighters I used to have back at The George Washington University. Back then, I'd be surrounded with books about politics, the causes of war, and global history. Now, it was my planner and a strong coffee. My stint at the library didn't last long - our new Time Capsule got to us in record time (thank you, Apple!) and things are back to normal. I have decided, however, to continue going to the library once a week. It's good for my soul.

The outfit above was what I wore to the office one day last week. I had found the dress in West Palm on a trip last week and absolutely adored it. It is available in the store now. I absolutely love the black Bonjour necklace - I'm not sure why, but I like pairing black accessories with light, romantic pieces. It gives it a hard edge.

I know I usually end my posts with, "Well, back to work!" or "I have to go get more coffee so I can finish these listings" but tonight, I'm going out to see my friend's band perform! Yay! Hope you all have a lovely night. Bye!


  1. Babes these pictures are stunning!!! You look so gorgeous and I love your whole outfit!

    One Love,

  2. The first image is really amazing, i love the colours of the backdrop from the building and of course, you looking super wonderful!

    Hope you have fun out and about!

  3. LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the vintage blazer !!!!! your style is pefect for you

    xx, yamina.

  4. you are truely beautiful. anyone who can get around in those heels deserves recognition... well done :)

  5. Amazing pictures, love the outfit too!

  6. Amazing pictures!
    A really beautiful outfit!!


  7. you look gorgeous.all the clotes you wear are of great taste and style.

    my eyes were caught on those litas too..

  8. Hi, I am so glad i bumped into your blog through Lookbook....you are soooo pretty!!!
    I love all the pictures and you have such an amazing style.

    I've recently started shopping at vintage stores and I can't believe what I have been missing all these years...

    I am your new follower and if you have sometime, please do check out my blog as well.



  9. these are stunning photos! i love everything about this outfit!

  10. my, i love the pastel/rainbow decks of the apartment buildings... <3 did you edit it to be like that or is it just the way it is? it's great haha.

  11. I love your style and your clothes dear!!!

    I'm writing to let you know that I nominated you and your blog as one of the best new fashion blogs. Check out here: http://stylesketchbook.blogspot.com/2011/01/stylish-blogger-awards.html


  12. Hi Shareen! You have an amazing sense of style and I am definitely a fan of you! :)
    I was wondering: Do you take your pictures yourself?

    Naomi Larocque


  13. love those over-the-knee-socks! it looks really cute :)

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